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Wishlist ^_______^!


Iron Gate by Moi Meme Moitiè only this colour. I maybe want to consider the blackxblue skirt or the LONG skirt in blackxwhite. But since I don't think they will fit, for now I just wish the blackxblue OP.
Moi Meme Moitie "Ritual" JSK, I just want this JSK in this colour! 

BTSSB "She's sleeping" in black. For now just the shirred version, maybe in the future (or if I can't find the shirred one) I'll be glad to have the not-shirred version ;)

NOT SURE about the colour, since I alreday have the long black JSK, but I like the short version way more than the long one. I just need to think about what colour to choose :P red, black or navy? It will be very difficult since Vampire Requiem is an AWESOME dress pretty in every colour (minus the lilac one, I can't stand it >_<) 

 Beauty and the rose promise, JSK ONLY, just in this beautiful blue <3

Milky Planet, only the black skirt. ONLY!

Cherry Berry Bunny ONLY black skirt ;)

Milky-Chan the fawn ONLY BLACK SKIRT and various accessories like the scarf, the bag and the hoodie, I also want the other skirt with the applique ONLY IN BLACK VELVET (I can't stand colour and I just wear black+pastel)

Angel Pony JUST the black polka dot skirt!

Star Night Theater: the black skirt and the blue JSK BUT the other version without the shoulder strap!


The WONDERFUL PVC Meta skirt <3 I just need this in BLACK soooo badly!

Wizard of oz (ONLY) BLACK JSK with sleeves and shirring!

PONY BAG. This colour only.

This one will be my wedding dress <3 I'm just not sure about the version, JSK with halterneck, OP or the other JSK? Surely NOT the skirt! But fortunately I've got time to choose :p

The Edward Tartan Highlander skirt by ALICE AND THE PIRATES. I just want the HOT PINK one.

These boots are made for walkin'....WITH ME! (Oooooooonly the L or the LL in BLACK)

Star bag by AP. In every colour!

These sleevetoppers in every colour (black, mint, baby blue, lilac and pink)

This one in every colour, but I really prefer the black one ;)

Midsummer's night JSK o-n-l-y this colourway!

I NEED THIS BAG. Colorways I'm interested are PURPLE and YELLOW!